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Best Kids Gymnastics Centres in Melbourne

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re a parent seeking the ideal balance of physical activity, skill development, and boundless fun for your child. We’ll give you a tour of some of Melbourne’s top kids gymnastics facilities in this post. These facilities offer a comprehensive approach to your child’s development, from skilled coaching and cutting-edge equipment to encouraging collaboration and increasing confidence. This is the exciting world of Melbourne kids gymnastics, where each flip, twist, and jump contributes to not just greater physical health but also to laying a solid foundation for life.

What is the youngest age you can start gymnastics?

Depending on the programme and facility, children’s gymnastics sessions often begin when they are between 18 months and 2 years old. These classes—often referred to as “parent and toddler” or “parent and child” classes—concentrate on teaching young children the fundamentals of movement and coordination while also exposing them to the gymnastics environment in a fun and secure way. Children can proceed to more regimented gymnastics lessons as they become older and develop more sophisticated motor skills.

It’s important to remember that the age at which kids can begin gymnastics varies depending on the gym or programme. While some gyms could have somewhat older age limits, others might offer lessons for even younger kids. In order to confirm that the lessons are suitable for their child’s age and ability, parents can contact the local gymnastics centres to learn more about the precise age range for the sessions.

What is basic gymnastics?

The fundamental gymnastics abilities, movements, and methods that form the basis of more complex gymnastics routines and disciplines are referred to as basic gymnastics. Beginners and young gymnasts are often taught these fundamental techniques when they begin their gymnastics careers. Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and body awareness are all skills that are developed via basic gymnastics.

For prospective gymnasts, learning the fundamentals of the sport is essential. It offers a strong foundation on which more complex routines and abilities may be developed. Gymnasts can advance to more difficult and sophisticated skills in a variety of gymnastics disciplines, such as artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline gymnastics, as they advance and learn the fundamentals.

How many years does it take to be good at gymnastics?

The length of time it takes to become “good” in gymnastics can differ significantly based on a number of variables, including the person’s starting age, natural skill, dedication, amount of training intensity, and desired level of expertise.

It’s crucial to remember that gymnastics is a difficult and complex sport that needs not just physical prowess but also mental toughness, self-control, and perseverance. Gymnastics progression is frequently nonlinear, having peaks and valleys along the way. Furthermore, the meaning of “good” in gymnastics can change based on individual objectives, such as involvement in leisure activities, success in competitions, or just reaching a high degree of ability for one’s own satisfaction.

Now, let’s get on with our list.


1. Skylark Sports

skylark sports

Gymnasts will be guided and tested by qualified coaches throughout their weekly practise as they develop their confidence in their ability to jump, swing, roll, and cartwheel. The adventure of growing and learning is more important than who is the quickest or strongest. When each gymnast is ready, trainers offer demanding skills and exercises to your energetic youngsters using our professionally crafted curriculum, the greatest gym equipment, and artistic gymnastics activities.

In this kids gymnastics centre, Children participate in age-appropriate courses alongside their classmates, fostering connections and a sense of belonging. Their programmes provide kids the chance to learn gymnastics on the floor, bars, beam, and trampoline while maintaining a fun emphasis.


2. Eureka Gymnastics Club

eureka gymnastics club

Through entertaining circuits and games, the fundamental gymnastics abilities and forms are taught in these lessons. These classes lay the groundwork for our Gymstar, Women’s Artistic, or Men’s Artistic programmes, or any other sport for that matter. Children also acquire crucial social skills, like how to listen to adults and how to wait their time. Please be aware that throughout the length of the session, at least one parent must be present.


3. Pulse Gymnastics

pulse gymnastics

The facility features Spieth Equipment of the highest international standard, including a 14 m x 14 m sprung floor, balance beams, uneven bars, single high bars, vaulting tables, a 12 m tumbling trampoline, sprung tumbling strip, a large European in-ground trampoline, and a 70 m2 in-ground foam pit. The facility also offers equipment to aid in the development of fine and gross motor abilities, such as foam forms, climbing ropes, and other soft matting.


4. The Artemis Centre

artemis centre

Classes at Artemis Gymnastics are intended to improve balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and self-assurance. With a strong emphasis on participation and individual development, we provide recreational gymnastics and tumbling programmes for kids between the ages of 4 and 10. We keep the coach to student ratio at 1 to 8 in all of our sessions, which allows our certified staff to spend time with each student individually to enhance their experiences and growth.


5. Waverley Gymnastics Centre

waverley gymnastics centre

Their organised programme includes the use of in-ground trampolines, beams, bars, sprung floors, foam pits, and Ninja frames as well as the sequential development of gymnastics abilities.  Their curriculum is famous for the extensive learning opportunities it offers and the constantly shifting range of fun activities.

Beyond teaching gymnastics, a sport that serves as the basis for all others, we also strive to enhance coordination, balance, and confidence while fostering a “can-do” mentality and the willingness to put in the effort necessary to succeed!

The physical activities kids participate in, together with their learning how to concentrate, follow directions, and cooperate with both their classmates and coaches, improve their preparation for school.


6. Edge Gymnastics

edge gymnastics

They concentrate on the predominant movement patterns and help children reach developmental goals. They grow these through risk-free, interesting, and enjoyable exercises that make use of both age-appropriate and Olympic equipment. Edge’s junior programme supports the development of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, problem-solving, self-discipline, and fine and gross motor abilities.


7. Melbourne Gymnastics Centre

melbourne gymnastics centre

They have a fantastic programme to start your child moving and growing from a young age, giving them a solid foundation for all future academic and athletic pursuits.Their programme, which is run out of our Windsor Centre, covers all naturally occuring movement patterns and generates new ones that promote the connection and expansion of the human body while also fostering brain development and cognitive enhancements.

Children will practise all dominant movement patterns in kindergym classes, including rolling, swinging, static form, landing, springing, and locomotion, where they may explore their bodies and feel at ease in a welcoming and safe setting.

Families will engage with one another and with the children, creating a community. Families that have been a part of our community for more than 16 years are still active there!


8. Melbourne Acrobatic Gymnastics Academy

melbourne acrobatic gymnastics academy

The engaging, circuit-based, and parent-assisted MAGA Kids Programme enables children from 6 months to 3 years old to learn through play. Their MAGA Kids programme aids in the development of social skills, balance, coordination, fine motor skill control, spatial awareness and movement control, singing, dancing, and other activities.


9. Diamond Gymnastics Club

diamond gymnastics

To ensure that kids get the most out of each class while also enjoying themselves, DGC’s skilled, nationally licenced coaches customise lessons to each child’s age and developmental stage. Classes are created in accordance with scientifically based guidelines for early childhood development and physical literacy. creating a setting where kids may grow their physical and cognitive abilities via supervised exploration in a joyful and creative way. Classes are also created to support development—socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically—and are jam-packed with exercises to build gross and fine motor skills, music and rhythm, success, and challenges.


10. Wildcats Gymnastics Club

wildcats gymnastics club

Their Kindergym programmes are intended to establish basic gymnastics skills and teach movement patterns in a playful and interesting setting. Sessions involve a range of exercises and circuits that combine climbing, crawling, leaping, rolling, swinging, and balancing with an emphasis on the physical development of young children. Their skilled trainers create an environment that is conducive to both physical and psychological development. Young children are urged to experiment with many forms of movement while having fun and making new friends.


In order to get gymnasts ready for competition and into the mentality of learning routines, level 1 is an introduction level. Many athletes go on to the next level without ever reaching this one. The level has no minimum score requirement according to USAG. Stretch jump onto the mat, followed by a kick to a handstand-slide to a flat back.

As a level 4 gymnast, your gymnast should exercise for an average of 15 hours each week. During the week, it is normally divided into 3 hours every day.

A basic healthy dietary regimen can complement a gymnast’s demands. The typical training diet consists of lean protein for muscle recovery and repair, timed-release carbohydrates for energy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds for vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats.

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