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Best Restaurants on Lygon St Melbourne

Top 20 Restaurants To Eat in on Lygon Street

Have you ever heard of the “Little Italy” of Melbourne? Lygon Street, for example, is one of Melbourne’s hidden gems. Lygon Street is popular among both Melburnians and tourists. It is a go-to place for people who want to hang out while drinking coffee and cocktails and talking over delicious food. 


Where is Lygon Street?

One of the most famous streets in Melbourne, Lygon street boasts of its many food establishments and alfresco cafes. This street is located in Melbourne and passes through from north to south in the following suburbs of Carlton, Carlton North, Princes Hill, and Brunswick East. 

Who is Lygon Street named after?


The ‘Little Italy’ of Melbourne is proudly named after one of the British cabinet ministers in the 1830s. Lygon Street was part of Robert Hoddle’s design for the Port Phillip District in Melbourne in 1852. Hoddle was the surveyor general at the time, and his designs included wide boulevards lined with trees and surrounded by natural greenery. It was formerly known as Cameron Street and changed its name in 1872 to honour Lord William Lygon, the seventh Earl Beauchamp, who served as the Governor of New South Wales from 1899 to 1901.


Why is Lygon Street popular?

Without being surrounded by tourists, as in the CBD, Lygon Street is an excellent spot to sample the variety of Melbourne’s culture and food. This Melbourne cultural district sometimes referred to as “Little Italy,” was born in the 1950s with the arrival of the first Italian immigrants. Italy experienced the emergence of fascism in the early 20th century, and during World War II, the nation was at the point of economic collapse. Australia became a popular destination once America decided to stop allowing Italian immigrants, and between 1951 and 1960, 170,000 Italian immigrants arrived thanks to the government’s “populate or perish” campaign.

How do you get to Lygon Street?


If you want to get to ‘Little Italy’ from the CBD, it is recommended that you take the following buses and trams. You can take bus numbers 200, 207, 251, 302, and 350 or tram number 1 or 6. 

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Top 20 Restaurants You Should Try on Lygon Street 

1. Donnini’s

Donnini’s is a family-owned Italian restaurant that dates back to as early as the 1950s. The family restaurant opened by the Donnini couple, Fernando and Elena, was home to thousands of Italian post-war Italian immigrants. From being a 48-seater mom-and-pop restaurant, it eventually opened an Italian bistro and multiple Italian restaurants around the city. 

Address: 320 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9347 3128


2. Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

Leonardo’s Pizza Palace will remind you of a 70s style pizzeria similar to the ones you’ve seen in popular TV shows like the Sopranos. Decked in fine wooden walls and subtle lighting, it’s a go-to dining spot for those looking for an authentic Italian pizza experience without breaking the bank. Their menu boasts of over 10 kinds of pizzas, vodka sauce pasta and carbonara, sumptuous Italian appetizers, lovely cocktails, and a fine selection of wines.

Address:  29 Grattan St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9242 0666


3. Agostino

Agostino - Best Restaurants on Lygon St

Agostino was named after Frank Agostino, owner of a grocery on Swanston Street in the 1950s. Soon after the retirement of Frank, Carlo bought the grocery and proceeded to expand to other parts of the city, like King and Godfree, which was his favourite shop. He stocked it with classic Italian favourites from cheese to salami to condiments, and it became a popular hub among Italian immigrants. Agostino pays homage to the hard work of Carlo and his Italian roots by offering the finest wines and alcohol to be paired with classic Italian appetizers and dishes. 

Address: 297 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9347 1619


4. Ziyka Restaurant

Ziyka on Lygon Street is well-known for serving the best Pakistani, Indian, and Bengali cuisine. For vegetarians and non-vegetarians, there are plenty of options to choose from. Their menu offers rice dishes like Biryani, BBQ dishes, curries, Palak Paneer, Masala, seafood dishes, tea, and delightful desserts like Gulab Jamun. 

Address: 234-236 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 8080 8048


5. Jimmy Watson’s

“See you at Jimmy Watson’s!” In 1935, Jimmy Watson bought a wine saloon from the 1890s and turned it into one of the first wine bars in the country. The wine bar, which is sometimes referred to as an institution, perfectly encapsulates the character of a relaxed yet upscale European café. They have a sizable variety of aperitifs, beers, ciders, and spirits—but they also deliver on the culinary front. Truly a place for wine connoisseurs! 

Address: 333 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9347 3985


6. Tiamo

A family-run venture, Tiamo is the success story of in-laws working together to create quintessential and contemporary Italian food. This bustling Italian-style bistro is many a Melburnian’s go-to spot for casual meals. Taste Italian classics such as minestrone, marinara, spaghetti Bolgnese, Osso Bucco, and pizza. You have the option to dine in or alfresco and finish your meal with simple and straightforward Italian coffee.

Address: 303 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9347 5759


7. Milk the Cow


At Milk the Cow, you won’t go wrong. As a licensed fromagerie, you can find a wide range of cheeses and wines that pair well with it. You name it; they have it. Choose from a variety of cheese boards and cheese flights, and indulge in steaming hot and oozing classic cheese fondues. 

Address: 323 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9348 4771


8. Teta Mona

White walls are adorned with black and white family pictures, and a vibrant pattern of patterned tiles brightens the cosy atmosphere, which is bursting with chatter from happy customers munching over a variety of delectable platters. Mona, the grandmother of business owners Antoine and Bechara Taouk, is seen in the famous black-and-white photograph. The picture is the original immigration photograph that was shot in the 1950s when she arrived from Lebanon in Australia. Order popular dishes like Falafels, Kafta, Kebe dumplings, Tabboule, and decadent desserts like the Baklawa and Rose Crumble from their 100% Lebanese menu to indulge.

Address: 100A Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Contact: (03) 9380 6680


9. The Green Man’s Arms

What’s not to love about The Green Man’s Arms? This vegetarian restaurant and pub offer the best green dishes in the area. You’ll be surprised at how flavorful their dishes are without being overpowering. Even meat lovers are surprised at how delicious their food is! Plus, they support local businesses, breweries, and wineries and include them in their menu. Drop by for a unique dining experience! 

Address: 418 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9347 7419


10. Di Stasio Pizzeria 

Di Stasio Pizzeria is the baby of power restaurateur couple Rinaldo Di Stasio and Mallory Wall. The 100-seater pizzeria offers 9 kinds of pizza, ranging from the classic margherita to indulgent flavours like lobster. The restaurant is divided into three areas: the bar, the Ladies’ lounge, and the Caravaggio room, which was named after an Italian painter. Those who dine in Di Stasio will feel like they’ve transported themselves to the tiny streets of Rome. 

Address: 224 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9070 1110


11. Etta

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood wine bar that does not disappoint in its food offerings, you have come to the right place. Etta has been serving Melburnians since 2017 and reached its peak when Rosheen Kaul took the reins in the kitchen. Their menu now offers a spin of Chinese, Kashmiri, Filipino, and other Asian cuisines that are curated to satiate everyone’s palate. You can relax by the wine bar and slowly sip your wine while taking in the bustling sounds and scrumptious food that their menu offers. 

Address: 60 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Contact: (03) 9448 8233


12. 400 Gradi

The search for Melbourne’s best Neapolitan pizza is over. 400 Gradi offers Antipasti, Contorni (sides), Pizza, Pasta, Rice, and mains like Fish of the Day. What also makes 400 Gradi unique is its bottomless offerings, which include unlimited pizza, wine, beer, cocktails, and more. We’re sure that it’s a total and best value for money if you’re craving for Italian food! 

Address: 99 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Contact: (03) 9380 2320


13. DOC Pizzeria & Mozarella Bar

DOC - Best Restaurants on Lygon St

The DOC Group of restaurants is known for their artisan pizzas and classic Italian food. Everyone knows DOC! When you visit DOC, choose from over 20 kinds of pizzas, pair them with some appetizers, salads, selected cheeses and salumi. You won’t run out of things to order here at DOC. Their one-of-a-kind mozzarella bar gives you the option to choose smoked or buffalo mozzarella to be eaten with their delectable cured and smoked meats. 

Address:  295 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9347 2998


14.Heartattack and Vine

Enjoy old-world Italian hospitality at this quaint bar in Melbourne’s Little Italy. Recommended for small groups or couples, Heartattack and Vine provides diners with a vast wine and cocktail list and an extensive choice of European tapas that you can enjoy. Their menu is seasonal because the owners, Emily Bitto and Nathen Doyle, want to use only the best ingredients during the season, all sourced from local suppliers. 

Address: 329 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9349 1891


15. Hakata Gensuke

Head on to Hakata Gensuke to have a taste of one of Melbourne’s best Japanese ramen restaurants. Opened and managed by the Shoya Group, this is the 5th store they have opened in Melbourne. Hakata Gensuka has set the bar high when it comes to Hakata (more popularly known as Fukuoka) Tonkotsu Ramen. What sets them apart from other Japanese ramen places is that they offer Yatai-style or street-style ramen. The lines may be long, but a bowl of their signature ramen will definitely be worth the wait!  

Address: 126 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: (03) 9078 4819


16. Lagoon Dining

Chinese culinary customs significantly influence the cuisine served at the restaurant and bar Lagoon Dining. This hearty cooking is done for entertainment and socialising, with a heavy emphasis on regional Chinese heritage, mixing it with cuisines from Japan, Korea, or Malaysia. You can order set meals or order à la carte from their menu. Feel free to pair the food with their hand-picked wines, cocktails, aperitifs, and spirits. The vibe is absolutely wonderful at Lagoon Dining, which makes it the perfect place to bring your friends for a night out. 

Address: 263 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Contact: 0447 525 573


17. Bluebonnet

Transport yourself to Texas with Bluebonnet’s Texas-style BBQ. Bluebonnet BBQ has been named after Texas’ state flower, the Bluebonnet. The restaurant is the passion project of chef Chris Terlikar, who trained in the US among the best pitmasters Tom Micklethwaite and Evan LeRoy. Bluebonnet is cooking up their meats on 100% hickory smoker (imported from the US) while the meats are supplied locally from Flinders + Co. Enjoy succulent and tasty smoked meats paired with their generous sides such as Mac n Cheese, Slaws, and Salads.

Address: 124-126 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Contact: (03) 9972 1815


18. Mankoushe

Mankoushe means to gather from the ground. We provide seasonal cuisine prepared by hand using artisanal ingredients acquired locally, with a wood-fired oven at the centre of our kitchen. The menu offers a variety of Middle Eastern classics for breakfast, lunch, and supper, with selections from Morocco to Iran. Sample their Mediterranean wood-fired pizzas, kebabs, baba ganoush, tahini, and labneh, or enjoy a three-course meal specially prepared according to your dietary needs. End each hearty meal with homemade desserts like the Baklava and the Tahini Halva. 

Address: 323 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Contact: (03) 9078 9223


19. The Origin Tales

Attention all vegans and vegetarians, you’ve got more restaurant options to choose from in Melbourne. The Origin Tales is the talk of the town, and it is one of the hottest vegetarian restaurants right now. This vegan eatery offers Asian-inspired starters, burgers & chips, and main courses, all at affordable prices. Drop by for their Signature Zinger Tower and Singaporean Mee Goreng. You’ll keep coming back for more! 

Address: 41 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Contact: (03) 8383 9061


20. Kumo Izakaya & Sake Bar

Kumo Izakaya offers Melburnians the best of various Asian cuisines on one menu. Although the heart of the restaurant is Japanese, they also infuse Korean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Singaporean, and others. Have fun in their Japanese-style contemporary sake bar and enjoy casual dining by ordering classic Izakaya fares like yakitori and sashimi. It’s just like having Spanish tapas with Japanese food! 

Address: 152 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Contact: (03) 9388 1505


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