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Cladding is the outer layer or “skin” of a building. It is an architectural element that transcends mere aesthetics. Cladding safeguards structures against the elements of the weather while adding aesthetics to the building like an identity. The choice of cladding materials and installation techniques plays a pivotal role in not only defining its aesthetic appeal but also ensuring its long-term durability and safety. It has become a matter of critical importance, elevating the role of cladding companies to ensure the safety and sustainability of structures.

What is the best exterior cladding?

Stone cladding is an excellent choice for structures that are subjected to inclement weather all year. The stone’s inherent qualities limit the possibility of moisture and water leaks. Stone cladding may be made from a variety of natural stone materials, including marble, sandstone, and slate.

But generally, the ideal external cladding for a certain project is determined by the project’s individual requirements and limits. When deciding on the best cladding material, consider aspects such as the local environment, budget, maintenance preferences, and design goals. To make an informed selection based on the unique demands of your project, it’s frequently a good idea to speak with architects, designers, and contractors.

What is the best exterior cladding?

Bricks are fireproof, thermally efficient, long-lasting, weatherproof, low-maintenance, and non-toxic, and they provide great sound insulation. Bricks are also environmentally friendly since they are typically recycled into new bricks, repurposed, or crushed for fill.

While bricks have excellent thermal efficiency, it is important to remember that their insulation value alone may not be as good as that of other modern insulating materials such as foam boards or specialised insulated panels. However, because of their thermal mass, durability, and other characteristics, they are frequently a good choice for attaining thermal efficiency in a structure.

What is the longest lasting exterior cladding?

Metal cladding is often one of the more economical solutions while providing a great longevity. Aluminium, for example, has a lifespan of more than 40 years, but copper may last up to 100 years – a very valuable investment. It is extremely light, making it simple to install.

While metal cladding is a long-lasting option, its thermal insulation capabilities may not be as good as those of other materials. As a result, integrating metal cladding with suitable insulation can improve the building’s energy efficiency even more. To guarantee the optimum match for the given project, choose outside cladding based on a mix of parameters such as lifetime, design preferences, climate, and budget.



total roofing and cladding

Total Roofing and Cladding specialises in cladding made of titanium zinc, zincalume steel, copper, bronze and brass, aluminium, and Colorbond. Their cladding method is the outcome of their Colorbond metal experience. Colorbond cladding has made many types of cladding more accessible for Melbourne residents.

Their architectural cladding systems are at the cutting edge of external design for commercial and residential applications with convex contours, concave forms, crisp lines and curves.



mg aluca cladding

They provide many choices of external cladding panels and systems for Melbourne houses and businesses. Their skilled aluminium cladding specialists can make your home addition or remodelling dreams a reality.

They also stock and install solid industrial aluminium and aluminium composite panel systems, as well as steel and wood finish cladding, fibre cement panel systems, and other products. You can rely on their team of skilled cladding installers and contractors whether you require an exterior wall cladding system for a home remodel, new house construction, or a huge commercial building project.



fcg constructions

They provide a variety of residential and commercial cladding services that are functional, appealing, quick and simple to install. FCG specialises in architectural roof and wall cladding, with a wide range of materials to choose from. Their experts can help you choose the best product for any project, from commercial structures constructed of zinc or aluminium to copper roofing.



advanced metal cladding

They specialise in roof, façade, and bespoke architectural cladding using nonferrous cladding materials such as titanium zinc, copper, aluminium, bronze, and brass, as well as the increasingly popular Colorbond.

Advanced Metal Cladding offers a variety of creative finishes to match your vision. They have vast experience in all aspects of architectural metal cladding, including systems, on-site installation, and project management.




They are known in the market for “specialised metals” used in wall cladding and roofing. They have been supporting Architects, Builders, Designers, and Developers with their unique technological features for the past 15 years, and they can supply suitable materials to fulfil their aesthetic and budgetary criteria due to their large selection of imported specialised materials. Their management team has worked on significant projects in Australia and worldwide, so you can trust their highly competent qualified installers.



aarc services

AARC Roofing Services has over 15 years of expertise in metal cladding installation. Their expert roofing and cladding installers have completed some of the most unusual building projects, including high-end residential homes, medium to high-density residential structures, and large-scale commercial sites. Their skilled workers have the broad expertise and experience essential to ensure the success of your project.



pro line metal cladding

They provide and install cladding for multi-story apartments, beach houses, and private residences throughout Victoria and New South Wales. They have over ten years of experience working in the building business in Victoria and New South Wales and have the skills and knowledge to help you bring your building project to life. They collaborate closely with skilled builders to create stunning home construction projects. Their staff includes skilled carpenters, roof plumbers, and apprentices to ensure that your claddings are designed to last.



b anderson roofing

B. Anderson Roofing is an expert in installing or performing significant metal roof repairs utilising Colorbond metal roofing. They have a skilled staff that installs Colorbond Wall Cladding. They meet your expectations by ensuring that every job is completed to the greatest calibre of craftsmanship.




Roofrite is a skilled installer of Colorbond steel architectural wall covering based in Preston. You can speak with their Client Services personnel to request a free quotation. After that, a work date will be set for accepted quotations. They’ll let you know if the project is ahead of schedule with the start date of your job, arrange for one of their roofing specialists to contact you back to address any technical problems, or just give you a call as your project is being completed to find out if you have any questions. You can be certain that the most cost-effective option will be determined by their estimators. Whether it’s a simple two-hour repair or a large project, they offer the same level of service.



dc cladding

For usage in industrial, residential, and commercial applications, DC Cladding offers a range of high-end building exterior cladding options. sheet cement, wood, and aluminium. DC Cladding Melbourne can revitalise your construction projects with cladding systems to suit every style and budget.


Although composite cladding and other Wood Plastic Composite products from Ecoscape have a 25-year warranty, they may last up to 50 years with correct installation and routine maintenance.

Both work fine and the choice is really about looks. Vertical cladding tends to appear more modern whereas horizontal cladding looks more traditional. Also consider the shape of the building. Horizontal boards work well on short and wide elevations, vertical boards on tall and thin elevations.

Waterproof cladding solutions should shield your home’s interior from the elements. Additionally, they could offer acoustic and heat insulation and have fire resistance. Your home’s environmental performance, cost, aesthetic appeal, and property value are all impacted by the cladding system you choose.

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