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Stand Up Pouches in Melbourne, Where can I Find Them?

Specially made stand-up bags provide product protection from light, moisture, and oxygen. Stand pouches include easy-open rip notches and a sturdy zip lock closure that prolongs the product’s freshness compared to other packaging types. This lowers the cost of repeat manufacture and boosts consumer satisfaction by allowing the contents to stay fresher for longer and keep the maximum degree of flavour. One of the most popular bags in the retail industry, this package is a powerhouse with countless advantages. There isn’t a market that stand-up pouches aren’t well regarded in, including those for pet treats, cosmetics, coffee, food, nutraceuticals, snacks, and spices. Stand-up pouches come in a range of sizes and forms. Most consumers are familiar with the typical pouch, a flat-folding bag with a circular bottom gusset. Many other pouches may be used, such as box pouches, K-seals, quad-seals (two side gussets and four vertical seals), and more. Stand-up pouches can be die-cut into unique forms to make them stand out on the shelf. The greatest thing is that Stand up pouches are landfill friendly, composed of 100% recyclable materials, and use less fuel to transport owing to their small weight.

The next question is, where do I find quality stand-up pouches in Melbourne? We’re listing down Melbourne’s best stand-up pouches suppliers so that you don’t have to spend any time looking for one. 

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Cello Bags Australia 

Cello Bags Australia - Best of Melbourne City

Senior Paper & Party Supplies was the company’s original name in 1963. The Senior family has a long history with candy and paper, dating back to 1938. When Geoff Senior, the current owner’s great-grandpa, worked for GABBS, Peters Ice Cream was his main client.

When Geoff’s grandpa founded Senior Paper Supplies in 1963 in Box Hill South, Victoria, he passed his love of office supplies to the following generation. They eventually moved to Blackburn and stayed there till the retail establishment closed in 2019. Currently, Geoff Senior, a fourth-generation Senior family member, is in charge of Cello Bags Australia.  As the world grows more ecologically conscious and the need for biodegradable and compostable packaging is critical, we will continue to offer cellophane bags, stand-up pouches, and Natureflex bags.

Address: Factory 1, 44 Burgess Road Bayswater North, VIC. 3153

Contact: (03) 9729 7455


The Bag Broker

The Bag Broker - Best of Melbourne City

Holger Nygaard started The Bag Broker in 2004. They support and believe in the industry’s ongoing innovation in packaging, and they strive to give their clients easy access to the newest products. They support environmental sustainability and are entirely committed to providing the most eco-friendly solutions without compromising the high barrier qualities of our packaging. They launched Biodegradable Bags, composed entirely of compostable materials, and their 100% recyclable bags as part of their eco-friendly packaging solutions.


The Pouch Shop 

It’s crucial to pay attention to packaging. In an environment where competition is fierce, you only get one chance to make a good first impression on your clients. For small enterprises, market vendors, and boutique labels, plain pouches and bags are the most affordable and practical packaging option. Plain pouches are the obvious and straightforward solution, whether you need to bring your product to market fast, want a more conventional package design, or want to use the same packaging for many product lines.

The Pouch Shop has a wide selection of designs, sizes, and finishes to make sure we can meet your demands. This comprises several packaging innovations, such as pull-tab zipper closures, one-way valves, contoured pouches, and various transparent window choices.

Address: 12 Sonia St, Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Contact: (03) 5280 8110


Titan Packaging 

In Melbourne, Titan Packaging is Australia’s leading manufacturer and provider of flexible food packaging. We also provide label services and help with pre-design specifications. Titan Packaging manufactures a variety of forms, including automatic VFFS machinery, for coffee bags and tea packaging. They have one of the most recognisable package designs with their stand-up pouch. Ideal for items like grains, powders, and liquids, among others. In Melbourne, Australia, Titan Packaging also produces flat-bottom bags and pouches using many rolls of the composite film. Re-sealable Zip Lock Bags from Titan are the best packaging options for retail and food service applications.

Address: 5 Beatrice Ave, Heidelberg West VIC 3081

Contact: (03) 9455 1200


PR Packaging

PR Packaging Melbourne - Best of Melbourne City

PR Packaging aims to build trusting relationships with every one of its clients. You will have many options thanks to their wide selection, which includes both new goods that are customised and industry standards. Their well-regarded product portfolio enables them to offer you a customised solution that combines the proper material, print, and service to match your specific demands. A wide variety of high-end goods from PR Packaging are available and may be customised to fit the unique requirements of your business. These include individualised mailers, boxes, tissue paper, ribbons, bags for clothing, and more. Additionally, they provide a wide selection of available items for quick purchase. These include mailers, clothing bags, tissue paper, boxes, and mailers.

Address: 6/30 Prohasky St, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

Contact: 1300 777 225


Stand Up Pouches FAQ

A stand-up pouch is a sort of flexible packaging that may be used, stored, and displayed while standing upright on its bottom. It’s essentially a plastic bag, though it can also resemble a plastic bottle. Doypacks are frequently used for powders or drinks that are ready to drink.

Measured from the pouch’s exterior right-side edge to left-side edge is the pouch’s width. Height: measured from the pouch’s highest point to the outside bottom edge. Bottom Gusset: The area that extends two times from the pouch’s bottom border to its deepest interior fold.

(LLDPE) linear low-density polythene is the material most frequently used to make stand-up pouches. Due to its FDA approval and safety for direct contact with food, this material is frequently utilised in the packaging business. Stand-up pouches may be heat sealed thanks to the inner layer as well.

A solid substance will have a different pouch holding capacity than a liquid or wet product. For example, a pouch with dimensions of 3 x 5 x 2 can hold 1 ounce of dry product, but the same pouch can hold 3 ounces of liquid product, according to a rough estimate of holding capacity. To get a more specific estimate, you should ask your local stand up pouch supplier like Cello Bags Australia. 

Doyen is a popular bottom gusset design in which the front and back panels are sealed to the bottom gusset using a u-shaped seal to strengthen a significant portion of the pouch. Since the bottom seal serves as the pouch’s “feet,” it makes it possible for light products to stand up.

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