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Sydney's Best Puppy Schools
Popular Puppy Schools In Sydney

Dog trainers can help dogs of all ages with a variety of issues, from fear to aggression to difficulty learning basic commands. And hiring one should not be viewed as a sign of a business owner’s failure. Finding the right pet professional to help you strengthen the bond between you and your dog is the first step. Finally, hiring a qualified professional and devoting time to training both you and your dog will reap the benefits. And you can always learn something new from any type of credentialed expert you choose. Here’s a list of Sydney’s best dog trainers to help you on your journey to become an even more responsible dog owner and have a dog that can reach his or her full potential. 

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Mindful Dog

Every dog benefits from social and emotional learning to develop appropriate behaviours, and successfully navigate and adapt to our busy distracting, demanding, and potentially dangerous, human world. Learn how to help your family dog fit in, by improving their understanding of your expectations and developing real-life skills.

Contact: 0423 623 302

Address: Crows Nest, NSW


Mindful Dog - Best of Melbourne

Eazy Dog Training

Eazy Dog Training classes are always run by experienced, professional and positive dog trainers. I have personally chosen, assessed, supervised and trained all the dog trainers working for Eazy Dog Training, so that you can trust to receive high-quality training no matter which one of us is running the class.  The dog training methods used in my Eazy Dog Training School are positive, reward-based and fun for both you and your dog. And no, reward-based training doesn’t mean that you’re bribing your dog with treats to do what you want or that you’ll need to use rewards forever.

Contact: 0404 022114

Address: 79 High St, Mascot NSW 2020


Eazy Dog Training - Best of Melbourne

Eastern Suburbs Dog Training

Robert has been the face of Eastern Suburbs Dog Training since 2008. With over 11 years of experience he has grown to understand not only how dogs communicate with each other but also with us. Training sessions are focussed on training your dog as well as teaching you how to understand and build a stronger bond with them. Our training sessions are 2 hours long but don’t end there, we believe in building a relationship so that you have ongoing support for your dog.

Contact: 0404 331 741


Eastern Suburbs Dog Training - Best of Melbourne

Mutts With Manners

Mutts with Manners’ chief instructor, Maria Cunningham, has been a professional dog obedience trainer since 1993.  This position of Assistant Trainer at Sydney Community College in Leichhardt entailed running the group dog training classes – some of the first group dog training classes to be professionally run in Sydney! Mutts with Manners’ professional dog trainers and puppy trainers are highly experienced with puppy training, obedience training & trick training, dog behaviour therapy and desensitisation so can solve your dog behaviour problems through private one-on-one dog training.  We specialise in dog behaviour training in Sydney’s  Inner Western suburbs.

Contact: 0410 626 677


Mutts With Manners - Best of Melbourne

Puppy To Dog School

Maz has completed his formal qualification, a Certificate IV in Animal Companion Services through Hanrob Training Academy. Recently Maz has completed an online course for puppy training, that in light of the current quarantine is a great starter while at home.  Our puppy school offers training classes that help in ensuring that your dog is well-mannered and behaved in public. The training we offer also aim to strengthen your bond with your dog. As the one of the best puppy school in Sydney, we do not only teach your dog how to be a good pet, we also want to help you develop a foundation for teaching your dog. This way, your pet will not only learn from the puppy school but from you as well. Our puppy school trainers have a range of experience in a number of different training techniques and have a pure passion for dogs and training dogs. They always have their pulse on new research relating to dogs and always go about and beyond to ensure you can meet your goals.

Contact: 0404 016 836
Puppy To Dog Training - Best of Melbourne

The Dog Brigade

We understand that every dog is different and they all have different learning capabilities. Private consultations are a service that is designed specifically to help solve behavioural problems you may be having with your dog in a safe and comfortable environment. There is no such thing as one size fits all. This helps lower the stress when trying to teach your dog either new behaviours or conditioning a new more positive association with something they are unsure of, e.g vacuum, lawnmower, e.t.c. The advantage of a one on one training session is the entire focus is on you and your furry family member. Getting a new puppy is exciting and fun, it is important though that we start them off on the right paw by taking them to a puppy School. We offer classes in two areas of Sydney. The Eastern Suburbs and the Inner West. We keep our Puppy class small so that all clients and puppies can focus on learning.

Contact: 0405 534 034

Address: 6/19 Blair Street North Bondi, Sydney NSW 2026


The Dog Brigade - Best of Melbourne

Dog Tech

We’ve been working with dogs and their families for over 25 years, perfecting a ‘whole picture’ approach to behavioural training based around our unique WhisperWise® methodology. Our mission is to educate dog owners and dog handlers about behavioural responses, how they differ to traditional obedience training, and to help them understand dog pack behaviour and dog psychology. Changing behaviour is about building a positive relationship, through gentle methods where everybody has a place, and everybody speaks the same language. Get that right and you’ll be on your way to achieving real harmony and happiness in your household.

DogTech® Services all of Sydney and is Sydney’s Inner West, Canterbury Bansktown, Greater Wester Sydney, Hills District, South Western Sydney, St. George, Sutherland Shire,  Lower North Shore, Upper North Shore, and the Northern Beaches.

Contact:  02 8018 5200

Address:  36-38 Canterbury Rd, Hurlstone Park


Dog Tech - Best of Melbourne

Polite Paws Dog Training

I believe that you need to use the method that works for each dog while keeping within the scope of training that doesn’t cause fear or pain. Sometimes a lure is a quick way to gain behaviour if used correctly, shaping with a clicker is great but sometimes tricky for a novice owner, and when working with cases of anxiety and aggression there are many science based methods available that don’t require force or intimidation. I like to give the dog choices and let them think they are doing the training. Why wouldn’t they want to do things if it was their idea in the first place! Motivate them with what they want (food, toys, cuddles, car rides, running outside, whatever!), and you will have a well behaved and happy companion. I use triggers in the environment to cue the dogs behaviour so you don’t have to rant at them all the time. Touch the door, your dog sits and waits. Sit down on the couch and your dog settles in their bed. Doorbell goes off and your dog goes to their mat. Easy as that!

I don’t condone confrontational and punishment based training methods (aggression breeds aggression), a good trainer should be able to stay away from punishment with good timing, mechanical skills and problem solving. There is no place in the training world for outdated dominance and pack theory, which was disproven by science over 20 years ago. Trainers who still talk about these things hide the pain and fear they use in training, by not teaching their students how to correctly read body language. My job is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners, so I use a range of positive training methods to reach that goal.

Contact: 0432 633250


Polite Paws - Best of Melbourne

The Sydney Dog Trainer

The TSDT is a nationally accredited dog trainer with a CIII in Dog Behaviour & Training who specialises in dog behavioural issues AKA a dog behaviourist. I also specialise in one on one in home puppy training consultations. The Sydney Dog Trainer provides professional home dog training services for behavioural, puppy and obedience dog training all in the comfort of you own home or local surrounds. The Sydney Dog Trainer has been conducting in home puppy training since 2008 and has the puppy training session to a fine art! With PLENTY of experience and a CIII in Dog Behaviour and Training you can be confident that The Sydney Dog Trainer will get you and your puppy off to a great start!

Contact: 0490 545437


The Sydney Dog Trainer - Best of Melbourne

Sydney Dog Training Centre

Located in the Sydney suburb of Leppington, we have over 35 years of experience in providing high quality and effective dog training programmes which are specifically designed to suit your dog’s temperament and level of intelligence. We base it on correcting unlawful dog behaviour using the Trust Technique human feeling following method with praise and Treats and Clicker rewards. Have your pet puppy dog trained the right way the first time? Using the Trust Technique along with the following method praise Clicker and treats and some correction for unlawful behaviour in some pet dogs. With no fear, Just Trust, joy, movement, motivation and praise and repetitive techniques along with Time. this method will always give you An amazing Result with us. We will show you the Tips and Tricks on how to manage and control your pet puppy or Adult dog we will also give you life Support and a lifetime guarantee on your dog’s program you have chosen. Please view the Facebook page videos below on lots of dogs we have gotten amazing results with.

Contact: 02 9606 200


Sydney Dog Training - Best of Melbourne

Be Responsible Pet Owners. 

Owning a pet does not end after you purchase one from a breeder or adopt one from the shelter. Dogs are lifelong companions that need to be trained, disciplined, and socialised just like people. Don’t fret because dog and puppy training schools are available all over Sydney and Melbourne

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