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The Quest for the Perfect Pizza Oven Kit - My Personal Top 3

The Quest for the Perfect Pizza Oven Kit: My Personal Top 3

As a self-proclaimed pizza aficionado living in Melbourne, I’m always on the hunt for ways to step up my homemade pizza game. After exhaustive research online, it became clear that investing in a pizza oven kit was my path to pizza nirvana. The convenience of having one of these kits delivered right to my door rather than lugging materials and equipment home from various stores sealed the deal.

I started my search by thinking through the features I cared about most. I wanted something portable and easy to assemble that could heat up to hot wood-fired oven temperatures. I also wanted high quality materials made to last. With this criteria in mind, I explored some of the top online retailers of pizza oven kits that ship to Melbourne.

What is a Pizza Oven Kit?

As someone new to the world of pizza ovens, I didn’t know what exactly was included in a pizza oven kit. I learned that the kit contains everything I’ll need to put together my own fully-functioning pizza oven right in my backyard! The key components are firebricks or steel plates that retain heat and get up to the 700-800°F temperatures needed to bake authentic pizzas. The kit also contains insulation to hold in that heat and pizza stones to mimic a brick oven cooking surface. I’ll get chimney flues or vents for ventilation and durable outer structure materials to bring it all together. With the right kit, I can say see ya later to delivered pizza and hello to pizzeria quality pies made by me!

Why Order Pizza Oven Kits Online?

I decided to order my pizza oven kit online because it’s just so much more convenient than tracking down all the individual parts on my own. With a simple click, all the materials I need get delivered right to my front door – no driving around hunting for specific bricks or steel plates. The online retailers offer me a huge selection too, from portable grilling ovens to full brick oven structures. I can easily compare sizes, temperatures, fuel options and other features to find my perfect match. 

Ordering online saves me tons of time as well. No headaches figuring out building plans, since the kits come with detailed assembly instructions. And I get product warranties when purchasing a full kit rather than loose parts. For this novice pizza maker, ordering a complete kit online is definitely the way to go.

The Pros of Owning a Pizza Oven

Everyone sure would get excited just with the thought of their own pizza oven fully assembled. First up, for me, I’ll be able to host the most epic pizza parties for family and friends right in my backyard! My entertainment options are definitely leveling up. The outdoor setting means I won’t be heating up my kitchen on hot nights either. I can’t wait to taste the 700°F+ wood-fired flavor – the pizzas are going to be so insanely delicious and crispy with that authentic char. The pies cook fast too, just 2-3 minutes to perfection. And clean up will be a breeze outside with the built-in ventilation. My new oven is sure to become our favorite gathering spot for years of pizza perfection fresh from my backyard. I’m ready to get started!

Why You Should Order a Pizza Oven Kit Now

If you’re on the fence about a pizza oven like I was, there are great reasons to just go for it and order a kit now. Getting it ASAP means you can jump into the prime outdoor cooking season coming up. Just picture yourself firing up the oven for the first time and hosting pizza parties all summer – so awesome! 

Ordering now also avoids long wait times when demand spikes later on. And you definitely don’t want to be oven-less during peak pizza season. Installing before winter makes sense too since curing the brick requires dry conditions. No trying to haul heavy stuff through snow! Most importantly, ordering now lets you start getting excited. Look forward to those shipping updates, building it, and biting into the perfect pizza soon. Do not waste another minute – order your own pizza oven kit now!

If you’re wondering where to get one, I got you on that matter. Here are my personal best of the best — my top 3 online stores to get your own pizza oven kit:


The Wood Fired Co - Top 3 Best Pizza Oven Kit Online

First on my list is The Wood Fired Co. with their easy-to-navigate site and
their extensive selection of brick wood fired ovens. The Wood Fired Co. aims to help home chefs achieve their entertainment cuisine dreams. Their ovens are available as easy installation kits or complete DIY models for those who want a hands-on building experience. 

In addition, their fire bricks are designed to handle daily heating and cooling — its thermal shock resistance prevents cracking or crumbling over time like inferior bricks. Whether you would like a hassle-free professional installation or the pride of assembling it yourself, their exceptional ovens surely empower home cooks like me.



The Fire Brick Co - Top 3 Best Pizza Oven Kit Online

Not so far from the list is The Fire Brick Co. that also specializes in crafting top-quality wood fired pizza oven kits to meet all needs. For those of you seeking a traditional brick pizza oven, they offer pre-cut brick oven kits containing all the necessary materials to build your own authentic Italian-style oven. For those desiring quicker assembly and heat-up times, The Fire Brick Co. also offers precast oven kits. With their dedication to providing quality materials and design, you can trust you’ll be baking incredible wood-fired pizzas for years to come.



Pizza Ovens R Us - Top 3 Best Pizza Oven Kit Online

The last but definitely not the least, is Pizza Ovens R Us. This Italian family business has been hand-crafting quality DIY pizza oven kits along the Adriatic Coast since 1959. All of their easy-to-assemble kits are made using the finest precast pizza oven refractory and granite sourced from Italy — ensuring crispy, wood-fired crusts and melty cheese that Italian pizza is renowned for.



THAT’S IT! I hope this overview has shown the many benefits of having an oven kit for your home (or maybe why you need to order right now — as in right now!). From the unbeatable convenience of getting premium materials shipped right to your door, to the authentic wood-fired flavors and faster cook times, owning your own oven unlocks new culinary potential. 

Whether you crave the hands-on satisfaction of assembling a traditional brick kit, or the ease of a precast oven ready in moments, the possibilities are endlessly customizable. While every oven kit provider offers just a little bit over the other, my current top 3 retailers for quality and service are based on their stellar customer reviews and designs optimized for convenience and durability. 

The bottom line is that creating your own pizzeria-worthy creations at home is now more achievable than ever thanks to the innovation of oven kits. I hope my journey has inspired you to embark on your own oven quest. From the first time you pull bubbling, crispy-crusted perfection from your own backyard oven, you’ll fully realize the joy that starts from assembling your dream kit.

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