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Where to Find a Shade Sail Installer

Where to Find a Shade Sail Installer?


Installing a shade sail is a great way to make advantage of your outdoor spaces. Shade sails provide excellent sun and UV protection, as well as water protection.

Shade sails are aesthetically pleasing. An architecturally designed shade sail may provide one-of-a-kind appeal that cannot be achieved through any other methods. Looking to change your Shade Sail? Here’s our top picks.

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1. Hammer Excavations

With over 18 years of experience, they offer a plethora of knowledge and a diverse portfolio of projects. Their vast variety of machines and wide range of abilities make them an excellent choice for your landscaping job like a Shade Sail Carport.

Address: 183 Para Rd, Greensborough VIC 3088



hammer excavations

2. Coolaroo

Coolaroo sells high-quality outdoor living items through retail channels. Their product line includes industry-leading textiles used to make shade, screening, and garden products. 

Address: 145 Woodlands Drive Braeside Vic, 3195

Contact No.: 1800 331 521



3. Melbourne Shade Sails

Their UV- and shower-resistant sails are custom-made right here in Melbourne. They have Shade Sails for backyards, pool and decks, driveways and carparks, schools, playground, and car yards.

Address: Watson Rd, Pheasant Creek, VIC 3757



melbourne shade sails

4. Peninsula Shade Sails

Peninsula Shade Sails provides a number of services, including the design and installation of a sail or shade solution for any project, replacement, cleaning, and repair. 

Address: 36 Denham Road, Tyabb, Vic, 3913



peninsula shade sails

5. Yarra Shade Co.

Yarra Shade Co. may come to your location to listen to and discuss your project needs. They can do a 3D digital representation of the completed project to display the shade pattern throughout the day so you know precisely what to expect.

Address: 2/130 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161

Contact No.: 1300 474 233


yarra shade co

Installing a shade sail or weatherproof canopy is a great way to make the most of your outdoor spaces. Shading sails provide excellent sun shade and UV protection, as well as water protection, allowing you to enjoy and rest outside in comfort.

Some people leave their sails up all year, although it is suggested that they be removed during extreme weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain.

Yes, shade sails have been successfully installed to both metal and wood fence posts. Because the sail shade might exert additional stress on the fence post, you should strengthen it with additional concrete.

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