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Factory Cleaning Companies in Melbourne

With Melbourne’s business landscape increasing, keeping your factory space pristine is essential for productivity, worker wellness, and safety compliance. That is where industrial cleaning specialists come into play, offering services to optimise manufacturing conditions and uphold strict Australian cleaning standards. But with countless options to pick from, the decision can be highly overwhelming, especially for first-timers!

This definitive guide serves as your compass, unveiling the top 10 factory cleaners in and around Melbourne. We’ve meticulously researched, compared, and evaluated, so you can focus on what matters most – a seamless production flow in a sparkling, safe environment. Dive in and discover the perfect cleaning partner to elevate your factory to its peak performance.

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What is factory cleaning?

Factory cleaning is referred to as professional cleaning services tailored specifically for industrial facilities like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and production facilities in Melbourne. Deep cleaning solutions involve using different heavy-duty equipment, industrial-grade chemicals, and techniques designed to thoroughly sanitise large-scale settings with contaminants from heavy machinery and inventory.

Unlike cleaning general offices or residential rooms, factory cleaning in Melbourne requires brawling with oil, grease, dust, and chemical residues on a much larger and heavier scale. With specialist cleaners, they are equipped with pressure washers, industrial vacuums, and certified cleaning agents to polish factory floors, storage areas, and other heavy-use spaces. Strict procedures or protocols may also be followed to clean around sensitive electronic instrumentation and avoid corrosion.

Why you should hire professional factory cleaners?

By hiring certified factory cleaners in Melbourne, manufacturers can support food, pharmaceutical, and electronics safety codes with regular deep cleaning. Maintaining high benchmarks of hygiene and contamination prevention enables factories to optimise efficiency, comply with government regulations, prevent product waste, and demonstrate quality control to customers. With routine deep cleaning, Melbourne factory owners can safeguard all employees’ wellness & safety and create much cleaner working environments.

What are the qualities you should look for in a professional factory cleaner?

When selecting an industrial cleaner, it is important to prioritize specific qualities to ensure optimal service delivery and proper safety compliance. A reputable company should showcase a strong commitment to safety awareness, prioritising employee and client well-being in all aspects of its operations. When looking for a provider, be sure they are equipped with appropriate machinery and tools tailored to the unique needs of industrial cleaning, including the removal of heavy-duty contaminants and hazardous materials. Take note that versatility is key, so choose a company that offers a wide range of services to address various cleaning requirements within industrial facilities. Additionally, reputation matters the most – seek good reviews from clients who gauge the company’s reliability and professionalism. Lastly, ensure the chosen cleaner carries comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard against any unforeseen incidents or damages.

Top 10 Factory Cleaning Companies in Melbourne

Core Cleaning Services

factory cleaning, core cleaning services

For over a decade, Core Cleaning Services has been the go-to company for Melbourne’s commercial and industrial cleaning needs. From factories and medical facilities to construction sites and event venues, their expert team provides tailored cleaning solutions with a focus on environmental responsibility. They continue to leverage eco-certified products and equipment to tackle everything from routine office cleaning to extensive post-construction sanitisation. As a fully licensed and insured company, they prioritise proper health and safety protocols for every kind of job. Core Cleaning Services is ready to transform your space and optimise operations through exceptional cleanliness and industry-specific hygiene standards. With their services, discover the Core difference today!

Contact Number: 1800 280 871


Crazy Clean

crazy clean cleaning services, factory cleaning

Established in 2005, Crazy Clean has been Melbourne’s answer to squeaky-clean commercial spaces. Their company offers cleaning solutions for diverse environments, from offices and medical centres to gyms, shops, and warehouses. One speciality of Crazy Clean lies in both daily office cleaning and extensive factory facility services. To achieve good hygiene and improve safety for the employees’ well-being, a combination of eco-friendly, hospital-grade detergents with cutting-edge methods like high-pressure steaming will help take away unnecessary bacteria. Crazy Clean has the expertise, equipment, and trained personnel to deliver your needs. Connect with Crazy Clean, a trusted name in Melbourne’s industrial and commercial cleaning scene, and unlock enhanced employee well-being, improved safety, and purified air, all customised to your specific needs.


Cleanhouse Melbourne

Cleanhouse Melbourne

Since 2015, Cleanhouse Melbourne has breathed new life into the industrial landscape by reviving ageing factories and warehouses with their trusted cleaning services. Their comprehensive cleaning services can go beyond surface-level dusting, providing extensive washdowns, floor scrubbing, storage clearouts, and thorough debris removal. Exploiting cutting-edge equipment like industrial vacuums and high-pressure jet sprayers conquers the most challenging sites. Whether you face construction dust, grimy factory equipment, or safety hazards, Cleanhouse delivers.


SM&MN Property Group

With over 15 years of commercial and industrial cleaning experience in factories across Melbourne and as specialists in manufacturing facility cleaning, factory washdowns, and warehouse services, their hands-on team combines advanced methods like steam cleaning alongside environmentally safe detergents to fulfil industrial hygiene needs. SM&MN Property Group is fully insured to conduct deep cleaning protocols tailored for production lines, plant rooms, and machinery maintenance, restoring efficiency through contamination elimination. Explore and discover how partnering with expert factory and warehouse cleaners can help the manufacturing facility uphold stringent health and safety standards.


CFM Facilities

Established and known as a leader in comprehensive facilities management across Melbourne, CFM Facilities is prepared to deliver tailored solutions for commercial and industrial properties. Their overall suite covers everything from professional cleaning and maintenance to secure environments and immaculate landscaping. CFM Facilities’ team ensures smooth operation and flawless upkeep of your facilities, prioritising efficiency and professionalism. CFM Facilities, whether one seeks regular cleaning, responsive maintenance, or strategic facility improvement plans, is reassured to surpass their client’s expectations.


Ivy Property Services

Since 2013, Ivory Property Services has been able to provide premium property maintenance solutions to most residents and businesses in Melbourne. Their professional teams, offering a wide range of services like carpet steam cleaning and professional office cleaning, cater to both residential and commercial sectors. Highly specialising in post-construction and vacate cleans, Ivy Property Services meticulously restores rental homes, offices, factories, and building sites to their best and most luxurious condition through thorough scrubbing, waste removal, and touch-ups. Ivory Property Services, with its commitment to sustainable practices and close attention to detail, ensures the highest standard of cleaning quality throughout Metro Melbourne. Take a look at their tailored maintenance plans designed to proactively enhance one’s property’s longevity and presentation.



Ecoh has brought innovation and integrity to commercial cleaning since 2015 and continues to deliver premium solutions tailored to each client’s needs: their teams service offices, medical centres, gyms, factories, and community facilities. Ecoh provides essential hygiene through ethical processes and enables enterprises to lead purposefully. See how Ecoh’s commitment to people and the planet drives full focus on sustainability, safety excellence, and clean air quality. Partner with Ecoh to experience the various ethical cleaning practices that help enhance employee well-being, asset lifespan, and stakeholder confidence.



tidymasters, factory cleaning

Expected to bring exceptional cleaning services to households and workplaces, Tidymasters leads with integrity, care, and purpose. Their skilled teams utilise progressive methods to deliver residential and commercial solutions. Tidymasters provide essential hygiene through proper processes. As specialists in builder cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, window washing, and more, their teams service every cleaning need sustainably. Explore how they promote community health through premium cleaning quality.



Jetclean is an arch provider of good-quality pressure cleaning solutions. Offering multiple services to effectively remove stains and dirt from different surfaces, Jetclean’s team utilises remarkable and eco-friendly cleaning agents so that they may deliver phenomenal results for their clients. Every project, whether it is cleaning patios or washing driveways, Jetclean handles with professionalism and precision. To make a property shine like it is new, their team, to minimise environmental impact, will focus on attention to detail and customer satisfaction.


24/7 Cleaning Services

247 cleaning services, factory cleaning

24/7 Cleaning Services is your reliable partner for all around-the-clock cleaning solutions. Their services specialise in providing a complete range of cleaning services custom-made to meet the various needs of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 24/7 Cleaning Services has a dedicated team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring quick and efficient cleaning when needed! Giving their best, from regular maintenance cleaning to emergency cleanup services, their team will handle every task with attention to detail. Also, with their continuous commitment to customer satisfaction and the use of environmentally friendly products, they will guarantee impeccable results.


Areas that should be cleaned regularly are surfaces and objects that are touched often. A daily schedule of cleaning will help prevent the spread of infections and will help improve the employees’ well-being.

The ideal frequency of scheduling deep cleaning, depending on the size of the factories and type of industry, can be weekly, monthly, or fortnightly. 

Deep cleaning in factories will help improve the performance of equipment and, most importantly, increase the safety of employees. 

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