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Melbourne's Best Custom Home Builders

Building your dream home is an exhilarating journey that promises to be as unique as you are. While many people consider buying an existing property, others are drawn to the allure of creating a residence that perfectly reflects their vision and lifestyle. In the pursuit of this architectural masterpiece, an important question arises: why hire a custom home builder?

Custom home builders bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to your home construction project. With years of experience, they understand which building materials are suitable and how to use them effectively. This expertise extends to making informed decisions on material choices, considering factors like durability and ease of maintenance. Their guidance ensures that your home is structurally sound, efficiently utilizes space, and endures for years, even in varying climatic regions.

In addition to their knowledge, custom home builders have well-established connections with reliable subcontractors renowned for their exceptional work. These trusted partnerships result from years of collaboration, ensuring a seamless construction process. They also take charge of managing any issues that may arise during construction, ensuring your home aligns with your vision. This is in stark contrast to self-building, where the homeowner must individually source and coordinate various contractors.

One of the key advantages of custom home builders is they offer constant communication, promptly addressing your questions and concerns, thus saving you valuable time. You’ll remain informed about the project’s progress and what to expect at every stage. Leveraging their experience and industry connections, they construct your home at a rapid and efficient pace. This speed doesn’t compromise quality, as they have access to appropriate materials and reliable subcontractors, ensuring a fast yet high-quality construction process.

Lastly, custom builders can save you money by strategically sourcing materials and ensuring precision in design and construction. This results in cost savings and eliminates the need for expensive revisions, as everything is done right the first time. 

What is the most expensive part of a new build?

The most expensive part of a new build is often the construction of the foundation. Building a solid foundation is a substantial investment in any construction project. Home foundations are typically constructed underground and support the entire structure above ground. A strong foundation not only bears the weight of the building but also provides stability and ensures the long-term integrity of the structure. Therefore, the cost associated with establishing a strong and reliable foundation is a significant portion of the overall expenses in a new build project.

How do you budget for a custom build?

Budgeting for a custom build involves several key considerations. First and foremost, allocate 5% to 10% of your total budget for expenses beyond land and construction. This portion should cover post-construction items like decor, furniture, and landscaping. While these items are optional, having a budget set aside for them is prudent, especially if you plan to purchase new furniture, enhance your yard with landscaping, or invest in window coverings. By setting aside this additional budget, you can ensure that you’re financially prepared for the finishing touches that will make your custom-built home truly your own.

What is the biggest expense when building a house?

The biggest expense when building a house typically lies in the finishing touches of the interior. This encompasses various components, including insulation, walls, cabinets, and flooring. Among these, finishing the interior is one of the most costly aspects of the project. For instance, the cost of gypsum wallboard for a new-build home can approach nearly $12,000. Cabinets, which come in a wide range of styles from basic to luxurious, can also significantly impact the budget, with expenses often reaching $9,000 or even higher, depending on your preferences and choices. These interior finishing elements can substantially contribute to the overall cost of constructing a new home.



rycon building group

Rycon Builders Group is one of the top custom home builders in Melbourne. They place a strong emphasis on enhancing everyday lifestyle and comfort through luxurious, personalized designs. They offer a unique integration of their design and construction teams, ensuring that all building considerations align with your requirements. With a focus on common goals, consistent communication, and quality continuity, Rycon strives to provide a smooth and risk-minimized experience for clients. Their in-house design team collaborates closely with clients to create unique, personalized dream homes, incorporating elements such as style, colour palettes, fixtures, and advanced technology. The use of state-of-the-art projection technology allows clients to visualize and engage with their custom designs before construction begins, providing confidence in the project. Rycon’s approach reflects a high level of expertise, originality, and commitment to delivering exceptional custom homes.



nicon built

Nicon Built specializes in architectural homes, dual occupancy residences, and heritage extensions. They value collaborative work with clients, architects, and consultants to ensure the success of each project. Nicon Built offers in-house architectural design and build services, providing a dynamic collaboration between the client’s vision and their practical expertise. Their approach reflects a deep level of expertise, focusing on professionalism, quality, innovation, and respecting project timelines. With a commitment to delivering personalized and forward-thinking home designs, Nicon Built stands as one of the top choices for custom builds in Melbourne.



carlton homes

Carlton Homes adopts a turnkey design approach, bringing the team responsible for planning and construction under one roof, making sure that homes align with the client’s vision and stay within budget. This collaborative process, involving both construction and interior design teams, emphasizes the commitment to bringing client dreams to life from concept to completion. Carlton Homes promises a stress-free journey, marked by creativity, efficiency, quality, and transparency, with a focus on keeping projects on time and within budget throughout. They offer a concierge service that accommodates busy schedules, taking care of research, shopping, and securing approval for every finishing touch, making the home-building process as convenient as possible. Additionally, Carlton Homes provides guarantees of quality assurance, a structural warranty, and fixed site costs, reinforcing their expertise, commitment to quality, and customer care. 



mac builders

MAC Builders specializes in architectural design and construction, focusing on custom homes. Their approach aims to create clean, sophisticated, and modern living spaces that not only fulfil aesthetic aspirations but are also functional and comfortable, harmonizing with the unique environment of each residence. MAC ensures that homes are founded on solid structural principles and built to the highest standards. Their commitment to quality is further exemplified by their house and land packages, offering a variety of well-crafted home designs with premium specifications. MAC has a strong track record, having successfully managed the construction of over 500 new homes, valued at over $250 million, delivering satisfaction to a wide range of homeowners. 



mkj homes

MKJ Homes specializes in creating new home designs. They work with professional architects who meticulously customize each project to your specifications. From interior design to design line production, MKJ Homes offers a comprehensive range of products, services, and personalized solutions for customers and housebuilders at every construction phase. Their expertise extends to various settings and challenges, from restricted lot designs to sloping sites. MKJ Homes’ values transparency and client collaboration are evident in their portfolio of past projects showcased on their website. Furthermore, they offer a convenient survey to initiate discussions and explore your unique requirements. 



mc building

MC Building is an award-winning custom home builder. Their expertise lies in creating premium custom-designed homes with a focus on quality finishes. They have a diverse range of projects, from sophisticated residential ventures to complex multi-unit developments and premium extensions and renovations across Victoria. MC Building’s commitment to excellence is exemplified through its team of project managers, site supervisors, and an established network of quality traders and suppliers, ensuring expert advice and exceptional customer service.

Established in 2005, MC Building has earned a strong reputation in the industry, exemplified by its accolades, including the ‘Townhouse Villa Development’ and ‘HIA Australian Home of the Year’ awards. They offer a comprehensive solution for residential construction, enabling clients to benefit from the collective skills of their versatile team of builders. From project commencement to completion, MC Building handles all aspects of the construction process, including necessary demolitions, swimming pool installations, landscaping work, and design and build services. Their portfolio showcases a range of custom-built luxury homes in Melbourne and Victoria, reflecting their depth of expertise and commitment to delivering elegant and high-quality residential projects.



arli homes

Arli Homes combines functionality and design in every home. Rooted in a background within the building and construction industry, Arli Homes recognized a need in the market for well-designed, quality-built homes that remain cost-effective and practical. Their design process is marked by passion and purpose, bringing together top design minds to meticulously consider aspects like space, lighting, and practical living requirements. Collaborating with architects Ian Browne and DKO Architecture, they leverage extensive knowledge, functionality, and creativity to shape new homes that not only offer functional spaces but also exude aesthetic appeal and align seamlessly with the daily lives of their inhabitants.

Arli’s ethos revolves around making good design and architecture accessible to everyone. They understand the significance of great architecture in capturing how people want to experience their homes today. This is why they actively collaborate with leading architects, ensuring that their spaces encapsulate the essence of design while also addressing practical functionality and lifestyle needs. By blending these elements, Arli brings the beauty of design thinking to their homes, redefining the concept of modern living.



carmel homes

Carmel Homes, a family-owned luxury custom home builder in Melbourne. With a rich history spanning over 30 years, they earned a reputation for constructing meticulously crafted homes and offering an exceptionally high level of post-construction service. They focus on the high-end custom home market. Their staff, organizational structure, procedures, and philosophy are all carefully tailored to exclusively cater to the most discerning clients, emphasizing the creation of the highest quality and most remarkable homes. 

Carmel Homes takes a client-centric approach. Whether it’s modern contemporary homes or traditional estates, they customise each home to align with the unique lifestyles and aspirations of their clients. Their emphasis on personalization and quality craftsmanship underlines their expertise and dedication to turning dreams into luxury homes.



ocean blue builders

Ocean Blue Builders has been an embodiment of excellence for over 15 years. From concept to completion, their seasoned professionals infuse your vision with passion, meticulous attention to detail, and top-tier craftsmanship, shaping houses that not only reflect but enhance the lives of those who call them home. They streamline the building process through a collaborative team of design, project management, and construction experts. This ensures that your vision guides every phase of the project, resulting in homes that are both exceptional in design and delivered on schedule. Their specialization in excellence and timely delivery extends to luxury renovations, extensions, innovative home constructions, and multi-unit projects, reflecting their passion for crafting custom design solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Ocean Blue Builders believes in delivering exceptional design and personalized service. As the leading high-end builders in Melbourne, they work alongside you as dedicated partners in your home-building journey. Their philosophy centres on creating homes that adapt and evolve with your changing needs, ensuring that the space remains highly adaptable and aesthetically pleasing over the years.

Run by a passionate team, Ocean Blue Builders is dedicated to delivering truly unique results. Their approach blends striking form with impressive functionality, conceptualizing and constructing homes that continue to impress year after year.



Granvue Homes knows the little features and personal touches that truly transform a house into a home. Recognizing that the home-building journey is not just about selling houses but about helping people plan their futures, realize their dreams, and create new lives. The key to bringing your dream home to life is a streamlined process that covers the entire journey, from the initial brief to the completed build. Their extensive experience in managing the complexities of new homes, from start to finish, is a testament to their proven track record. The specific design requirements of clients are not only acknowledged but incorporated by a proficient design team with a wealth of experience in integrating personal touches into their designs to maximize the project’s value.

Working with a company that takes responsibility for both design and construction ensures that costs remain manageable. Clients can avoid the stress of approaching a builder with designs commissioned from an independent architect, only to discover that it would require additional expenses beyond the initial budget to complete the project properly. Granvue Homes is committed to providing a completely streamlined and cost-effective process, turning the home-building adventure into an exciting and memorable journey for their clients.


To budget a build effectively, you should aim to set a budget that aligns with the average property price per square meter, multiplied by the square meterage of your prospective build, while subtracting the cost of the land to prevent the build from entering negative equity. However, remember that the actual cost of the project can vary significantly based on a multitude of factors.

A cost breakdown structure (CBS) is an essential tool in construction that categorizes cost data into various segments, aiding in efficient cost management. This structure is integral to the project planning and management process as it offers valuable insights into budget allocation and expenditure, allowing for a clearer understanding of where project funds are allocated and how they are spent.

The accuracy of a cost estimate is determined by the degree of closeness between the estimate and the actual cost of a project. Several factors influence this accuracy, including the level of detail provided in the estimate, the availability of information, the complexity of the project, and the experience and expertise of the estimator. The more detailed and precise the estimate, the closer it is likely to be to the actual project cost.

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