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Melbourne's Best Hampton Style Home Builders - Based on Reviews, Appearance and Experience

There is no denying the appeal of Hamptons style. It is understandable why so many Melbourne residents want to design their own Hampton-style home given its ageless elegance, seaside charm, and air of grandeur. But choosing the correct builder is one of many important decisions that we must make along the way to realising this ambition. The importance of factors like reviews, the visual appeal of their work, and their expertise in creating these fine houses cannot be overstated when we are looking for Melbourne’s top builders of Hampton-style homes.

But before we get on our list, let’s analyze a couple of questions. 

What are Hampton style homes?

Hampton style homes represent a design aesthetic that is synonymous with casual elegance and coastal living which I personally love. This architectural and interior design concept draws its inspiration from the idyllic beachside properties of the Hamptons, a group of affluent seaside communities on Long Island, New York. At its core, the Hampton style is about emphasizing a seamless connection with nature, and a continuous design of indoor and outdoor living. 

A beautiful fusion of natural and neutral components, including wooden and wicker furniture, sisal rugs, linen curtains, cotton pillows, and a predominately calming colour scheme of cream and beige tones, serve as the defining characteristics of this design. It takes a careful selection of these components and expert layering to produce Hampton’s design, which results in a unified, peaceful, yet visually arresting living area. In essence, Hampton-style houses provide a haven of laid-back sophistication and classic appeal, a sense of seaside living in the centre of your home. Hampton Style home is a dream for a lot of us!

What is Australian Hamptons style?

Australian Hamptons style is a popular design trend in Australian homes, known for its exquisite combination of classic elegance and a laid-back coastal vibe, tailored to suit our Australian way of life. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Hamptons region in the United States, this style transcends geographical boundaries to capture the essence of a timeless beautiful aesthetic. It combines the beauty of classic design elements with the ease and comfort associated with coastal living, making it exceptionally well-suited to the Australian lifestyle. The predominant feature of the Australian Hamptons style is its ability to create interiors and exteriors that are both beautiful and enduring and the aesthetic stands the test of time. In our country known for its diverse landscapes and a deep connection to the sea, the Australian Hamptons style is more than just a design choice; it’s a reflection of the relaxed elegance and timeless charm that Australians hold dear.

What is the difference between Hamptons and coastal style?

According to my research, the main difference between the Hampton style and the coastal style lies in the fine details of their design elements and overall ambience. A Hampton-style home is characterized by its focus on classic elegance and luxury. The furniture in a Hamptons-style home is usually high-end and gives a sense of sophistication. It often features classic details and includes luxury items that enhance the overall opulence. On the other hand, the coastal style is more of a casual and relaxed aesthetic. Coastal-style homes tend to have raw or unfinished materials, reflecting the rugged nature of the coast. The furniture is typically more casual, with a preference for eclectic pieces that provide a relaxed atmosphere. Rattan is a common material in coastal-style homes, adding a touch of the natural, beachy vibe. While the Hampton style exudes refined luxury, the coastal style leans towards a more relaxed, eclectic, and nature-inspired approach, making each style distinct and well-suited to different personal preferences and settings.

Now, let’s get on with our list.

Top Hampton Style Home Builders in Melbourne based on Reviews, Appearance and Experience


rycon building group

Rycon Building Group consistently receives excellent reviews from homeowners who have had the privilege of working with them. I was reading one of the reviews and one family, residing in their home for two years, continues to be impressed with their Rycon-built house, praising the seamless process from pre-contract negotiations to handover. The quality of their home exceeded their expectations, and they expressed a strong desire to work with Rycon again. Another homeowner shared their experience of designing their “forever home” with Rycon, highlighting the professionalism of the entire team and the quality of work that has left a lasting impression on their guests. A couple who built their first home with Rycon in 2021 couldn’t be happier, commending the professionalism, responsiveness, and top-notch craftsmanship delivered by the Rycon team.

Quality is paramount for Rycon, and they stand out as a builder dedicated to turning custom designs into reality. The unwavering satisfaction of these homeowners speaks volumes about Rycon’s commitment to excellence they express a clear intent to return for future projects, further solidifying Rycon’s reputation as a builder of choice for those seeking exceptional quality and service.

This builder has established a reputation for crafting exquisite luxury weatherboard homes that epitomize the beloved Hampton style homes Melbourne. They specialize in luxury weatherboard home designs, embodying charm and character. With a seasoned team of designers, they offer a collaborative approach to creating custom designs that align with each client’s dream home vision. Committed to excellence, their skilled builders use top-tier materials and craftsmanship to bring these visions to life. Attention to detail is at the core of their work, evident in the intricate trim work and traditional facade that define their weatherboard homes. The result is a timeless and enduring aesthetic that speaks to the quality of their construction, making sure that these homes will stand the test of time and remain a part of Melbourne’s architectural landscape for generations to come.



capital building

Described as “fantastic,” “superb,” and “excellent,” Capital Building completed a significant extension project in just under seven months, impressing the homeowners. Their doubts about such a major change were quickly alleviated as Travis and his team approached the project with professionalism and a “Can do” attitude. Travis and his team were noted for their customer-centric approach, skill, and experience, which were instrumental in delivering a house that exceeded the homeowners’ expectations. Travis’s personal involvement, including site visits to ensure alignment with the homeowners’ needs, was particularly appreciated. The entire Capital team, including Dean, Tiffanie, Janine, Jay, and Tom, received gratitude for their honesty, dedication, and commitment to delivering on their promises. In sum, the reviewers wholeheartedly recommend Capital Building, recognizing them as a company that excels in the building industry.



verde homes

The reviews for Verde Homes are excellent as well for their professional design services and exceptional construction quality. Customers were absolutely delighted with the results, which exceeded their expectations. They greatly appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, where every facet of the project was thoughtfully considered, seamlessly blending style with functionality. The company’s staff exhibited a high level of professionalism, a keen focus on their clients’ preferences, and a commitment to meeting deadlines. The reviewers wholeheartedly recommend Verde Homes to anyone valuing top-notch quality and unwavering reliability.



cameron design and construction

Cameron Constructions has enough good reviews,  demonstrating their commitment to excellence in both building and customer service. One homeowner expressed gratitude for the prompt and efficient handling of matters by the company, emphasizing the exceptional after-sales service they consistently provide. They had received compliments on their home over the past four years, with local real estate agents noting its outstanding design. They credited George, the designer, for creating a stylish home on an oddly shaped block of land and expressed the hope to work with Cameron Constructions again when building their next home in Queensland.

Another client commended the courtesy, reliability, and dedication of Cameron Constructions’ employees throughout the construction and extension of their home. They expressed their satisfaction with the final outcome and endorsed the company as exceptionally professional.

A separate review highlighted the exceptional service and design provided by Cameron Constructions for an extension project. Michael Cameron’s friendly and professional approach, along with his thorough understanding of the client’s needs, left a lasting good impression. The resulting extension seamlessly blended with the original home, highly praised by friends and family. Cameron Constructions is highly recommended by their clients to anyone considering an extension or building project, characterizing their experience as a very happy one. These reviews collectively convey the company’s commitment to professionalism, design excellence, and attentive customer service, showcasing their dedication to creating homes that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.



edina building group

The reviews for Edina Building Group underscore their professionalism, reliability, and competitive pricing, leaving a highly positive impression on the reviewer. The work completed under the guidance of Keivan and the team was characterized by a keen eye for detail. The client found the team extremely pleasant to work with, and their effective guidance throughout each building stage was notably beneficial. The review concludes with a note of gratitude to Edina Building Group, further emphasizing the satisfaction of the reviewer. These comments collectively highlight Edina Building Group as a reliable and detail-oriented construction team, appreciated for their professionalism and effective guidance throughout the building process.



lentini homes

Lentini Homes receives good reviews from their clients expressing their immense satisfaction with the quality and workmanship of the homes built by the company. Attention to detail, customer service, and the quality of construction, from the foundation to the interior finishes, were consistently highlighted as being of an exceptionally high standard. Lentini’s commitment to traditional construction methods without shortcuts, such as waffle slabs, was highly appreciated, emphasizing the durability of their homes.

One reviewer emphasized their trust in Lentini Homes, having built their first home with the company in 1996 and returning for their second in 2019. They firmly declared that they wouldn’t choose any other builder. Another client cited the quality and workmanship evident in Lentini’s display homes as the reason for their choice. They also praised Greg’s honesty, integrity, and passion for his family business, distinguishing Lentini from other building companies.

Collectively, these reviews emphasize Lentini Homes’ unwavering commitment to quality, honesty, and traditional construction methods, making them the preferred choice for those seeking homes built to last for generations.



The reviews for Leneeva Homes are because of the exceptional quality and service the company provides. Homeowners express their love for the houses built by Leneeva and are consistently impressed by how many others also admire their homes. It’s evident that Leneeva Homes takes great pride in their work.

The reviews emphasize the professionalism, transparency, and responsiveness of the Leneeva Homes team. The initial interactions with Jason, who was described as professional, helpful, honest, and transparent in discussing costs, set a positive tone for the entire building process. Dean, the site manager, was also lauded for his commitment to creating the best possible homes, which homeowners reap the benefits of. The after-build care was another highlight, further contributing to the positive experience.

The reviews are full of recommendations for Leneeva Homes based on the quality of the build, excellent communication, and ease of working with the company. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID environment, Leneeva Homes managed the build effectively, delivering fantastic homes that exceeded expectations. The transparent quoting process, the accessibility of the site supervisor, and the post-handover support all contributed to the highly positive experience. Leneeva Homes is highly recommended by clients as a trusted and customer-centric builder.


Yes, Hamptons style remains popular. The style’s emphasis on comfort, luxury, neutral color palettes, and timeless design elements makes it a continuing favorite in interior design. Currently, there is a trend toward incorporating layers of fabrics, textures, and complementary color palettes, and Hamptons style aligns well with this shift while maintaining its lasting appeal.

Hamptons style predominantly features soft blues, greens, warm whites, and neutral greys in its color palette. It also incorporates naturally inspired shades of stone and sand. The combination of blues and whites is a key element that imparts a coastal feel to this style.

The best flooring for the Hamptons style is timber floorboards. Light timbers with grey undertones, distressed timbers, painted or white-washed timbers, and pure white timbers are all suitable options that complement the Hamptons style. These choices offer flexibility and durability, making them ideal for Hamptons-style homes.

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